Monthly Archives: November 2011

A journey of 2,181 miles begins with a single Snickers – Lao Tzu

Food. Food. Food.

That’s what I spend most of my time of late thinking about, preparing and eating. Though not just on the trail. That’s me at the moment. I dread to think what I’ll be like in 5 months! One burns off about 6,000 calories a day on the trail and there’s no way, güey, I’ll be able to eat or carry that much.

Unlike myself, many budding thru-hikers out there are currently busy experimenting with food hydrators in order to send nutritious treats to themselves in post offices in towns along the way. I’ll figure that sort of thing out on the way, experimenting with the different trail foods. – Too difficult to send packages from Mexico for the whole trail.  Everyone bangs on about weight, I’ll be sacrificing some stuff so I can have an extra pound or so for a couple of packs of highly concentrated Mexican spices.

Tacos de cochinita con chile habanero. Oh baby.

I’m currently enjoying grease-sodden tacos, cochinita pibil, mole and all my favourite Mexican delights at my doorstep.  Crikey, I’ll miss Mexican food on the trail. Aside from the other half, I’m sure that these delights will the most difficult thing to not have near. I hear there’s “Mexican” food along the way, which should be sufficient for my cravings. Though I’ll have a large sack of various dried chilli peppers to make packet ramen more interesting (also the shelters). Lucky they weigh very little.

Just had a flash forward of my trail name, someone calling out… “Hey, Chilli!”. Will try and avoid that one for obvious Spanish connotations!

The common foods one eats on trail seem to consist mainly of noodles, trail mix, Snickers bars, and anything that has a high calorie/low weight ratio. I’ll be cooking things up on a good ole Trangia stove. I suppose I’ll attempt real Mexican food on occasion if opportunity presents itself. Hint, hint, care packages 😉 Packs of real English tea, Coleman’s mustard powder, Marmite and so on will go down a storm!