Once upon a donkey…

Rather stupidly I injured my right achilles tendon. It’s not bad but an achilles tendon isn’t worth messing around with. Gotta rest up from walking for a couple of weeks, but hey I’m experienced in this matter!

I suffered the same injury on el Camino de Santiago, though only way way worse back then. In Spain I had bad swelling on my ankles and  incredibly stiff creaking tendons. Really pretty scary how it got worse for about two days after stopping. I eventually completed the trail by walking another 620kms with no issues.

I hobbled into beautiful los Arcos in real pain but saw a sign advertising a job to help out in the hostel. The mornings for the next two weeks were spent serving the peregrinos breakfast, sweeping out bedrooms and cleaning the beds. 90 minutes hard graft each morning and then we were treated to a big early lunch with wine before opening the hostel up again.  The rest of my day was spent helping out walkers and supping on icy cold Mahou and Cruzcampo – my other payment was the beer vending machine key.

This time, at least I made the mistakes with my feet before and not on the actual trail. Confident that it’ll be fine, but still a bit of a worrier. If it makes me take this at the correct pace and plan and prepare fully then I’m sure I’ll come out better for it.

11 weeks till the trail…. *gulp*

2 responses to “Once upon a donkey…

  • Richard Martin Russell

    Hope it gets better soon or the donkey will need a plane seat.
    You need to get yourself a better stick, that one looks like its from the pound shop.
    Have you bought your gear yet?- Keen to see what its like.

    • Jake Russell

      Hi Dad,

      Yeah, I’m going to be using hiking poles similar to ski poles. Don’t have any new gear yet. Going to buy quite a bit of it when I arrive in the states as everything is 50-100% more expensive here and almost zero choice or nothing at all for certain items. Jake

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