Appalachian Trials

I bought my first Kindle version of a book yesterday.

Don’t worry my friendly bookshop running friends, this is once in a blue moon affair! Real print will always be the way, even if it means carrying an extra pound on my back. I don’t have a Kindle, by the way, you can download software for your computer from

The book I bought was “Appalachian Trials” by Zach Davis, a gen-you-eye-n thru-hiker from the class of 2011. This is a fresh approach to AT thru-hiking preparation literature.

It’s not a diary, nor a gearlovefest, this book focusses on the psychological preparedness for the trail. Something I feel that many many potential thru-hikers overlook when getting themselves ready for the trail (70% failure rate).

As far as I know this is the only mental-slant focussed book on the market and it’s a goodun. It’s concise and complete and offers many insights that I haven’t seen mentioned before.

Yes, this is a plug. But not because I know the guy (because I don’t). But because it’s a great entertaining read and give it’ll you a good insight into the different mindsets of thru-hikers and how to make your experience a successful one. It’s also full of extra FAQs that many sources don’t deal with.

It”s a Good Badger and it’s only $8.

Buy it here 2012ers 


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