My parents’ wonky offspring

Just had my girlfriend’s cousin, “El Ojos” and his colleague round to take impressions of my feet for custom insoles.

Turns out from the X-ray I had done last week that I actually have a bigger-than-normal-spiky-calciumy-boney growth on the back of my heel. Just a lil bit, nothing that wouldn’t exceed your recommended daily dose, should I slip it in your milk.

My Spanish is just fine, but bad enough to prick up my ears when the word operación was thrown between them. Never mind that it wasn’t actually a possibility! I could also get it “bashed” into powder to (I guess) allow it to be absorbed by the body but as it wasn’t the source of my problem and didn’t cause any issues on a 500-mile hike, so why risk causing myself another issue?!

Just a sideline small extra into this epic little story of mine.

Right at the top, the pokey bit. And there’s my view of Mexico City behind!

Yes, Mum and Dad, now for you guys. It turns out my feet are quite different from one another! My pigeon-toed left foot is high and dry above the sole and my right foot has no weight on the small toes. Apparently, so they said, one day my feet may look something akin to a crow’s mid-orgasm.

But for now, I’ll be all good once I get my custom insoles.

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