I’m a through walker

According to my blog stats, someone found my blog today by searching “through walker 2012”.  Rather be called a “through walker” than a “thru hiker”,  I muse.

For now, I’m sure as can be not a hiker and I also don’t spell through, thru.  So well done,  my anonymous internet fan,  you got me.  Although it makes much more sense than English English,  American English is,  one feels,  kind of like texting in the early 19th Century.

Aaaaaanyway,  preparation is coming along as well as it always has,  as in zero.  It’s happened,  it really has,  I’m approximately 5% prepared in terms of the physical.  Always told myself this wouldn’t happen,  but it did,  procrastination-off loser.  However,  I do feel my mind is 80% there n I’m still going to kick 70% of your arses.

For now then, there’s a competition on to win food drops and so on.  It’s pretty cringeworthy at times and the winner is going to be that dude that has the good production,  but Stealthpanther is my favourite. Bloody Hollywood.

Four 14 hour days deep into this week and I’m tired and drunk after 3 beers.

If I stink this much after a day’s work,  help you if you run into me on the trail.  

Nighty night.

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