Nerves and logistics

In two weeks I’ll be in REI Atlanta picking up gear. The next day I’m heading up to Mountain Crossings for good fitting of my backpack and trail shoes. The following morning, on the trail at Springer Mountain in Georgia. *Big gulp*

Just spent the last two weeks travelling around Mexico with good friends from back home and drinking too much. All good times.

We checked out Morelia, Pátzcuaro and Zihuatanejo. Had never been to any of those places before so was a nice change.

Just been to the beach where I walked without any tendon issues in flip flops, makes me confident but will need to perform surgery on my shoes to have very low support at the back of my heel. I’ll be knocked off the trail without this procedure, I’m sure.

Might end up trying out those ridiculous Vibram 5 finger things so I have a camp shoe and also a back up pair of hiking shoes.

The risk of twisting my ankle will obviously increase remarkably with cut heel supports but I’d prefer that than having tendinitis which could be a hike ender.

Not much to report really so won’t be boring and bang on. Getting pretty bloody nervous!

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