2184 miles?! PAH!

It’s going to be a huge challenge, it’s going to be difficult, but am I scared or nervous about these 2184 miles?!

Hell no.

On the other hand, the first 30 miles to Neel’s Gap scare the s**t out of me.

This evening is my goodbye drinks. Los Insurgentes, Roma.

Pulque, mezcal, good times. If you’re not living in Mexico or some hipster type who pays 1000% what you should in NY, you probably don’t know what pulque is. It’s a prehispanic fermented  maguey plant sap alcoholic drink.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m quite a fan.


Mr. Cogswell’s favourite plant

I will have a baggie of dried chile de árbol in my backpack to spice things up a bit while I’m away, though I’m going to be missing all things Mexican. If you feel like sending me a litre of mezcal or a couple hundred grams of tamarind while I’m away don’t hesitate to ask me for an address to send it to! Or Marmite, for that matter. Or whatever you think I’d like to eat on a rainy morning in the woods!

This might be my last post until I’m on the trail. Very busy and will be for the next few days. Leave to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, shopping for a day and a half in Atlanta, go to the Hiker’s Hostel and Neel’s Gap on Tuesday, will start the trail on Wednesday morning, will arrive in Neel’s again on Sunday, I hope (very slow start).

Watch this space for the result of the first hurdle. If it’s a positive post then I’m sure I’ll go all the way; they’re by far the most important miles for me, what with my dodgy legs.

Wish me luck!

15 responses to “2184 miles?! PAH!

  • Inga

    Your going to be fine. My nephew just made it into Neel Gap today. He has one blister to attend to, but otherwise he said it was all great. He had a really tough year with moms death/job loss/love lost/ homeless, etc…..so we on forly started prepping for his A.T. hike about a month ago. So….if he can make that four days to Mountain Crossing, anyone can. Your well prepared for the adventure. Hike your own hike.

  • Jane E. Gower, RN

    Good Luck Jake! You can do it! Mainejane

  • Jann Griffiths

    Jake, I made it to Franklin with 1 zero day. I started out hiking about 8 miles a day the first week; and then bumped it up to about 12 miles a day. I only got 2 small blisters and used duct tape on feet where there were hot spots. I sent about 7 lbs of stuff home. I am ready to hit the trail tomorrow headed for Gatlinburg. Start easy and go steady.

  • Struan King

    All the best Jake! I’m thinking of attempting the trail later this year so loving the info you’ve put up and look forward to reding of your progress.

  • BigFoot

    In the southeast us, there are such places known as “dry counties” where no alcohol is sold. Neel Gap is in the middle of such a place. You may consider mailing of leaving yourself a little something there, for medicinal purposes.

    Have a great hike


  • BigFoot

    Rumor has it Baltimore Jack is in residence there. A bottle of good bourbon and some conversation with him would be an excellent investment in my opinion. please give him my regards should you see him.



  • Gabriel Romano

    Hey Jake! I wish you the best in this challenge, I am pretty sure you are going to make it. Come and visit me to Chicago after that 🙂
    Hope you have a safe trip and send you a big hug!!!!
    Gabriel Romano

  • Dudditz & Lakota

    Greetings PAH,
    Very interesting reading your AT plans. Lakota n I, summit Springer on 4th as well. Looks like there will be to slow pokes out the gate. Hope to see ya on trail. Peace

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