I’m taking a zero day in the Nanthala Outdoor Center here in North Carolina. I’m about 140 miles into the hike. I’m going slow. This las section hasn’t been very good on my tendon. I had a 5 mile day yesterday which felt pretty goo but it was mainly downhill which i prefer because of the issue. It’s getting better now. I did 2 12 mile days and did them both far too quickly. Need to break more often through the day and start earlier. The past few days have been the way not to hike the AT for me. HYOH (hike your own hike) as they say…

I know I can continue hiking and will have to cntinue this slow n steady method. The question is if I will, or more specifically my leg will develop enough to finish the whole 2184 miles in 6 months. This next 30 miles is going to be an experiment in my new way befoe the Smokies.

anyway, enough of my leg.

theres a free style kayak competition today in NOC. going down for some beers n so on. resupply from the bad n expensive selection of food n just chill basically. A zero day is called so for a reason.

Let’s see now. Crossed border a while back with North Carolina. Ate very authenic Mexican food in La Poblana in Franklin…why that isn’t in the guide book I don’t know. South of La Rana Renata. Almsot as good as Mexico.

Hiking is pretty stunning at times. I climbed an observation tower the oher day….daaammmmnnnnnn…. one of the best views ever. Watching spring spring up around me….flowers coming out. Birds finally singing as there seemed to be no animals at all the first 10 or so days. A couple days back I saw HUGE wild boar crashing through the woods about 5 metres below me as I spooked it coming round a corner! Saw a black thing and for half a second figured it was a
bear…..flight or fight kicked in a was buzzing after! Shame I didnt have my camera in hand.

In other news I stayed in a shelter 2 nights on the trot because of the storms. Got to say I don’t like shelters at the moment. Too many people. They’re dry though!

I was named the other day. My trail name is Suds.

11 responses to “The NOC

  • quilteresq

    So, what’s the story on the trail name??????

  • Mark

    Thanks for blogging, Suds. Keep up the good work!

  • Pat

    Damn Suds, sounds like an awesome time. i could never say this when you were hear, but now that you’re gone Suds — i dont know. the days are so slow. come back in one piece with a bear claw necklace — the bear that you killed.

  • Oz

    with all the beer you’ve consumed sounds like suds is the perfect name for you! Am enjoying your experiences cuz I’ll never have the guts to do it myself.

    • Jake

      why wouldn’t you have the guts?!?!?! Slow and steady wins the race! All the slowest and seemingly least gutsiest seem to be the ones left out here, I’d say. The gung-ho ballsy ones get off trail quick!

      • Oz

        I’m brand new to hiking, just started this year. Having lost over 115 lbs I needed something to focus on and keep me from regaining the weight, and have found hiking really helps me clear my head and keeps my weight down. My longest hike is 18 miles. I’m not much of a risk taker but I do admire those that are. I’m also not in a position to abandon daughter, job and mortgage for 6 months to do something so ballsy. My hats off to you and all the trailblazers before and after you. I’ll live vicariously through your adventures. Post again soon, I’m enjoying the updates.

  • Oz

    Ok, Suds, now I know really why I will never do this. Yesterday I went on a 18 mile through hike with a hiking group in VA. The hike leader was flying through the trails and got ahead of me and I lost sight of him. The rest of the group was trailing pretty far behind me. Broad daylight and I was starting to panic hiking alone for about 30 minutes on a thru hike, point to point, highly marked trail…almost impossible to get lost. WTH? Then around the 14 mile mark fatigue was setting in and I tripped over the tiniest of tree roots. It was then that I knew I could never to the AT alone and would live and enjoy the adventures of others. You’ve done remarkably well and while I don’t know you…I’m impressed and proud of you!

    • Jake

      Sorry to speak frankly but to be honest it looks like the hike leader is an irresponsible person. First, to take a group on a an 18 mile hike. That’s wayyyyy tooooo far for people who don’t hike a lot. 18 miles even on easy terrain is for an experienced group only. Especially on difficult terrain. Slow and steady wins the race. 10 miles would be a long way if there were any unexperienced hikers in the group. I didn’t do an 18 mile hike for about a month of hiking everyday. Plus going ahead of you and losing everyone else was another irresponsible thing to do as a “leader”. The panic probably set in because of an unreasonable expectation for everyone to keep up with the fastest. The first thing I was taught about hiking in a group was to go at the pace of the slowest hiker. So this guy/girl should reassess their position or someone should do it for them. I’m sorry you had a negative experience. Have a good hike next time. 🙂

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