The first 200 miles

So here I am, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee… chilling in a nice motel. It is hot as hell down here!

206 miles down….1978 miles to go!

There seems to be an issue here…at this rate, I’d finish sometime in 2073, but things are going to be picking up from here.

The past few weeks have been awesome but also tainted with doubt about my tendons ability to do the miles necessary to complete it. I think I’ve got a good hold on things and some yoga stretches are reducng any issues I’m having. Been doing well the past few days.

The scenery has changed a lot in the past few days. I’m in the Great Smokies National Park…things just got all pine on me…. theres a lot balds and great views, I’ve seen wild deer up real close, an eagle trying to kill a turkey and chipmunks getting up to no good, no bears yet though… I hve 2 bear lamp bases in my room. Where all the bears at, yo?!

Half way through the Smokies…. gonna try to arrive in Hot Springs on Sunday morning for the last day of a bluegrass festival. If I can do that then I’ll be stoked as I’ll be really upping my game. Getting into this!

In other news, I’m getting stinkier. Today was my first shower in 5 or 6 days. Still smell pretty sweet in comparison to other hikers though. Showers are awesome, yep.

This morning started hiking at about 4:45am. Yep. Hiked up to the highs point on the AT….Clingman’s Dome for sunrise. We had a tal of 5 hikers with headlamps shooting up the mountain to catch the sunrise… we took a wrong turn even though the guide book advised us! we still made it….just, the fog swooped in 10 minutes later.

Weather is awesme. Probably only hiked 10 of 206 miles have been hiked in the rain. I’m not trying to avoid it, it just doesn’t rain when hike. Pretty sweet huh!

Will post photos next week…this phone typing just doesn’t nake for great blog posts!

oh n I hitched for the 1st time today….. nice

6 responses to “The first 200 miles

  • missy

    Good Luck from Maryland! If you need anything let me know because i live really close to the AT

  • Scott

    You had views at Clingmans Dome?! Lucky you! (doubly so for a sunrise!) I been there twice and it’s been rainy / foggy both times. May the weather gods keep smiling upon you….

  • Jen Goldsberry

    Hi Jake! It’s Jen, your Gatlinburg Trail Angel here! Jamie was the other (and kids in tow!). Sure was fun giving you a ride to Newfound Gap and hearing 30 minutes worth of trail stories. Wish we could’ve jumped on the trail with you for a bit and talked more. Had no idea you were trying to get to a bluegrass festival Sunday! I play banjo, Jamie guitar. Good thing we didn’t have them with us or you might not have fit! 🙂 Best of luck on your adventure, we’ll be keeping track of ya. Happy trails.

    • Jake

      Hey Jen!!! Thanks so much again…. I’m in Hot Springs at the moment, I didn’t make it to the festival, I’m moving pretty fast for me at the moment, but not that fast! 🙂 Taking it slow this morning after too many PBRs yesterday! Thanks again 🙂

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