Mile 466 – Damascus again!

Sorry for the slow updates of my blog…. I’m actually a pretty busy guy on trail and have almost no time on a computer to update anything….

So the evening after the last post I hiked up from Hot Springs and injured my arches. I went 50 miles into Erwin….beautiful countryside and then took a week in Trail Days to rest my feet and speak to different people about stretches and ways to reduce plantar faciitis (sp?). Then got back on the trail….. did really well coming back into Damascus and now I’m going to head back into the mountains today.

We did trail magic up in the mountains before Damascus yesterday with loads of beer and hotdogs…. I made Mexican micheladas for everyone.

Anyway, I’m really really uninspired today and don’t want to type anything…. a big storms coming in later and I want to get to the first shelter…. I promise a bigger update with way more interesting stuff soon. Coming up are stories of weddings in the the woods, crazy trail characters, disgusting trail food, insane weather conditions and much much more!

I’m about to start Virginia and have 550 miles…. I must up the pace a LOT in order to make it…..feeling more confident than before as I did a 20 mile day two days ago….. Time to kick some ass….aiming to be in Harpers Ferry in 35 days….thats about 80% quicker than my first 466 miles!!!! Wish me luck

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