Both worlds

So I haven’t been updating my blog! tsk tsk

I’m in Delaware Water Gap right now in Pensylvania. Tomorrow I hit Nu Joisey. I was actually in New Jersey last weekend, at the beach in Sea Isle City. Also I spent a couple of days eating cheese steaks and lots more with my old roommate Miguel and the ever lovely Lindsay. It was a nice break from this weird world I live in.

People could get up in restaurants and walk to the bathrooms without groans and the hunchback walk of a 114 year old Japanese great grandmother. It’s true, I saw it!

That’s when I realised not everyone in the world is a hiker.

I got excited at one set of lights in southern Philly. “HIKER TRASH!” I proclaimed loudly to Miguel in the car. Pointing at a hiker coming along the row of cars.

“oh….he’s homeless” I sighed.

Yeah, so most of my friends look homeless, myself included. One woman laughed out loud at me in Wawa. haha

You can forget about the other world out here on trail. Only temporarily though. It’s all going on still.

2 responses to “Both worlds

  • Mike Tuggle

    Lookin’ good, Jake ! I’d feared you had gotten tangled up in some skirt in Buena Vista :-). You’ve averaged about 14.3 miles for the last 500 miles or so. That projects to a Sept. 28th finish, plus or minus. Be careful, and best luck ! -Mike-

    • Jake

      thanks! haha….no but i was hiking with Skirt in Buena Vista. Thats cool because thats exactly when i need to finish. im getting more serious about this hiking lark now though. planning some bigger miles

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