New Hampshire!

Here I am in Hanover, New Hampshire. We crossed the state line yesterday from Norwich, VT and were bombarded with free stuff! We first got a free $4 egg salad sandwich from the general store in Norwich. A guy whose brother hiked the trail gave us a box of $5 ginger cookies. Plus there were numerous coolers along the way into town outside local homes that contained cookies, watermelon, all sorts of stuff! And all for us! Coz we’re real hikers or something, I guess! ha

Then in Hanover (a college town – Dartmouth College is here – an Ivy League school) we got a free bagel with cream cheese, a free slice of pizza and I think there was something else. Then off I went for some not so free, but delicious IPAs in the local boozer, the Salt Hill Tavern, or something. I love the ale scene in the USA (did I already mention this?!). There are hundreds and thousands of local brews all over, just like the UK, except it feels way more young and vibrant as opposed to the British, equally as delicious though very doddery old scene of geezers in the corner of the pub.

So, starting hiking in New Hampshire! We’ll be climbing into the White Mountains in a couple of days! Pretty excited and slightly (though only slightly) nervous! We have REAL mountains to climb! LOOK:


I have recently inflamed my old injury in my right achilles tendon and also I have some weird muscle problem in my left calf. It doesn’t hurt but the muscle kinda bulges out in one spot. Pretty freaky, but whatever, worse things happen at sea.

Anyway, I’m going to wait until I get home to worry about that. The lack of universal healthcare in the United States means I would pay $100 just to speak to a doctor, never mind any type of treatment or medication. RIDICULOUS! You guys are insane. Really 🙂

For this reason I’m going to delay my charity 24 hour hike until the end of the 100 mile wilderness so that if I do cripple myself, I’ll be right at the end and can just crawl up the final mountain, Katahdin! So that means there’s still time to donate to my excellent cause! Macmillan Cancer. Please do, because none of my blog readers have thus far donated! GUILT TRIP! Here is a recent news article about me in my hometown’s paper.

DONATE HERE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

ImageDONATE HERE! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

7 responses to “New Hampshire!

  • ricmrussell

    Hi Glad all is going well. You’ll need a good warm down plan when you finish – no beer and carbs for 2 weeks and 2 -3 hours walking each day, or you’ll balloon!!!! No guilt trip about charity just yet! Wait til I have a euro or 2 – my kids have left me with 25 euros for last week of August – I think they may orget I’m a pensioner – still will have a few quid by the time you get to doing it. Have fun


    Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 15:37:21 +0000 To:

  • Mike Tuggle

    Status report, as of 28 August, Hanover, NH:
    1736.5 mi. down; 441.8 to go.
    Pace over last 255 mi.: 14.19 mi. per day;
    Expect 28 September finish at this pace.
    For 1 October finish, need 13.0 mi. per day.

    Don’t need to say, be especially careful over these last miles. And Godspeed!

  • Simon Vickers

    Good lad Shakey. Keep going. Loving the fact you made the Shropshire Star (or was it Chronicle). And btw, I do read the blog, and I DID donate, but other please do the same!

  • Liz Greenan

    correction Jake – we follow your blog and we’ve donated to your wonderful cause – hope lots of others do the same. Thinking of you over there on the mountains – the children love to see the pictures and follow what you’re up to. They are particularly interested in the bears! much love, Liz, Paul, Dougie and Amy x x x

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