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My guess is (though in reality I don’t actually have a clue) that most of my readers of my blog are people who one day would like to walk the Appalachian Trail. Friends and family read my blog and also some people who have hiked the AT before, but I think most of my 20,000+ views (woah!) are wannabe thru-hikers.

Maybe you’re an aspiring hiker thru-hiker who’s going to hit Springer in the matter of months , maybe in a few years, or it could be when you retire or, very possibly, you’re just dreaming at the moment. Either way, I want to make this blog an advice page specifically for you guys! Future 2000 -milers!


Me on Katahdin 12 days ago!

It felt really great to get positive feedback about my blog from you guys during my journey and that inspired me to continue writing. I now want to produce a blog that hopefully can cut through some of the crap on the internet and help you guys prepare with bullshit-free advice.  I want to know what you want to know. Please click on “leave a comment” below this post to tell me!


I am going to dish out advice up in her’!

One of the most important things that you must realise about walking the Appalachian Trail successfully is that you should always always always Hike Your Own Hike (HYOH). I will be advocating this throughout my blog. Take my advice with a pinch of salt. My advice will not be for everyone, but it may be useful to you.

I’m going to give you as much bullshit-free advice as I can give you. However, what I really mean by this – is – other people’s bullshit. I am going to give you your fill of mine.

I am British, so I will sometimes I will sound/spell weird. However, I am still right. 😉


Click “leave a comment” just below this post.

Tell me what you want to know, I really will base my blog entries on your comments.

If you want to know about stretches, gear, mental preparedness, yoga, alcohol, ibuprofen, bad days, Mexican restaurants, resupply, food, towns, zero days, nearo days, types of hikers, whatever the hell you want – tell me in the comments section.

This is a blog for the people, by the people Suds.


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