About me

I’m a teacher who lives in Mexico City. English chap. Going for a walk coz I ain’t bin on one for a while.


5 responses to “About me

  • Dudditz & Lakota

    Love your blog and we look forward to meeting you on AT. Happy Hiking peace

  • Greg

    I’m rootin’ for you from my1000% abode in NYC! Keep up the great hike, you are an inspiration. Perhaps when you reach NY I’ll meet you out at Harriman or Bear Mtn and trek a few miles alongside. Best of luck and take care.

  • Kristin "Banjo"

    Thru’d in ’08 – your stories bring me right back to those first few weeks! Keep up the hard work — it’s what gets you through. And, just in case anyone has been spreading rumors, Virginia is NOT flat. HYOH and HAVE FUN!!!

  • Martha Ehlman

    I own a small fair trade store in Harpers Ferry, WV. I found you through an image attributed to you on Google. I love the photo and would love to use it on my website. Would you mind emailing me about this?

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